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Hi all, i'm new to the site, but thought i'd post the thread to help others out if they're having the same symptoms. The Mrs has a 98 fiesta 1.8lx endura DE diesel and three or four months ago i serviced it for her, the usual things, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, oil, and forte engine flush and fuel aditive.

Thought this was the basic stuff, and i've done it time and time again on my own cars, a sinch i thought....

The bl***y thing was struggling to start, but once it did it was fine and then the problem rited itself and started ok...happy days untill now :unsure: The mrs was complaining the heaters were rubbish so i investigated and came to the conclusion the heater controll valve had gone duff, so i replaced it, thought it would be a good time to renew the antifreeze in it at the same time.... :o starting problems again, but i had only touched the water side???

Anyway the symptoms were as followes :- really hard to start, would just about tick over, put any load on the engine and it would rattle like hell and cutt out and then just would'nt start at all.... :angry: time to buy a work shop manual i thought... checked the fuel pump timing, was'nt that, checked the glow plugs and injectors, wasn't that, but i noticed the injector bleed off lines were wett with diesel, had a play with these and managed to get it running ish... i pulled the throttle lever and it stalled, as expected but what i did notice was a sucking/hissing sound coming from the fuel filter, bingo! i thought it's dragging air in from there, also since reading the manual, i found out that you have to fill the fuel filter with diesel before fitting it, which i didnt.... duh! i decided the clips on the fuel lines would need new seals putting in as it wasn't air tight what an awkward little bu***r!!!! sod it!! trotted off to my nearest motor factor, got some 8mm fuel hose and some braded 3.5mm fuel hose with blanking bungs, four hose clips for under £15 :D happy days, fitted new fuel line, fitted fuel line to the heater pack, fitted injector bleed off lines... fired up in 3 seconds flat, thought this was pretty good considdering there was no fuel in the new lines, and it styed running, infact i don't think it's ever run so well, power's there and pulls like a mule... well it was as stubborn as a mule so why would'nt it lol.

So if anyone is having this trouble? do the above and that will sort it, piece of p**s to renew and cheap as chips...could'nt believe what a difference changing a few pipes would do... happy tinkering. simmo666.

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