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New Here And Would Like Some Help Please If Poss.


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Hello, I'm new here and would like some help if at all possible please. My name is Tracey and I have a 2003 reg manual Focus tdci (115bhp). The car has developed a clunking sort of noise which is getting worse - its really quite loud and slow if you're driving slow but gets faster as you pick up speed. Its a sort of heavy metal noise not a pinging noise. The noise happens whether you are in gear or neutral. It is there when you are driving straight but goes when you go round a bend. The steering wheel judders in time with the clunking noise. You can sort of replicate the sound with the engine on and moving the steering wheel side to side when stationery. The car had its MOT at the end of Feb and it flew through it, when the tester had finished I told him about this noise and he put the car back on the ramp and gave it another good going over but could find nothing except a loose undertray which he secured as best as he could. My partner has jacked the car up himself and he cannot find anything obvious either - as far as he can tell all appears well, the cv gaiters are intact, the wheel nuts were on properly etc, etc - the air filter housing was a bit loose so he secured that but it has made no difference. We are stumped tbh - I could take it into Ford I suppose but they want £94.50 just to look at the car and tbh funds are stretched as they are plus my partner is a very able amateur mechanic and carries out a lot of work, servicing etc himself. Any advice would be gratefully appreciacted. Many thanks in advance, Tracey.

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Hi try the top suspension mounts just a thought common to go on renaults and vw not sure about fords you can only try.

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To be perfectly honest it sounds like either your track rod ends or your steering rack bushes are worn.

I'd get them checked again at a reputable garage.

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