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Summer Tyres Needed


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Hi mates,

I need to replace my horrible factory fitted tyres - Michelin Pilot Primacy. Upon my research, I'm considering to buy Pirelli P7 Cinturato. What would you say? Actually I'm looking for a set of tyres with a good grip on wet and dry. Silence is another issue too.

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The Pirelli tyres are going to be a good option in terms of a quiet ride. Only thing is, they are just not going to last as long as you may hope. If you want my opinion, Hankook or Continental are the only way to go!!

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I have used Continental sport contact 3's from when i first got my vehicle.

Rears last about 25k, fronts need changing every 10 or so (which im not impressed with considering its about 130 a corner..)

I've recently changed to rainsport 2's on the back, see how they hold up!!

I miss the days of only paying £20 for ditchfinders on my old cars..

(tyre size is 225 40 r 18)

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Pirelli p6000 or Avon zz3.

Both excellent in all weather conditions and minimal road noise.

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Are the Michellins not that good? I have Primacys on mine and was looking at replacing like for like. Is there a better tyre out there sub £100 a corner?

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