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Fiesta Zetec Mk 7 (59) Throttle Pedal Sticks Down


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I have a 59 reg fiesta zetec and recently we have had 2 occastion where the throttle pedal has stuck down and the only way to release it is to push it up from underneath with your foot. It is scary when it happens as the car keeps accelerating.

Is this a known issue and does anyone have a solution?


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I'm sure you ,ay have checked already but I thought I had this problem with another car but pedal was actually getting caught on floor mat, check this out and try pulling it down.

Hopefully it is this and not a fault with pedal

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  • 6 years later...

Did you find the issue / fix ?

my 2010 fiesta has done the same thing, wondering if WD40 would help lubricate it or is it a replacement.



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