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Back With A Ford After About 20 Years

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Hi everyone,

I recently acquired an '09 plate Focus 1.6 Zetec. My last Fords before that both belonged to my Mum, the first being KRK 705V , a Java green Mk II Escort 1.3 L which was superb and after that my Mum bought a Mk III Escort 1.3GL. , BRE 504Y which we kept until she retired and she then gave it to me because I was at work - on the condition that she could use it whenever she wanted to! (Seems reasonable).

After that I bought a Rover 214 (very much like the Escort but with wood!) and, 9 years ago, a Daewoo Nubira. Don't laugh about that. It was an excellent car and tremendous value and, when we parted company last week, the bodywork was in far better nick than the last Escort.

But anyway, now I have a Focus and I'm gradually finding out how it works. After 9 years with another car then there is a fair amount of electrikery to try to get used to - like for example, can I change the outside temperature from Fahrenheit to Centigrade? Surely I can but I haven't found the bit in the handbook that tells me how!

My biggest question though is whether I can fit my cycle carrier onto the back of the car? I have an idea that the answer will be 'No' (which will be a pain) and I have no intention of putting a couple of mountain bikes on the roof! The carrier came from Halfords and was branded 'Paddy Hopkirk' back then but Halfords have an identical 3-bike carrier on sale now. It is held on with 6 straps and I suspect the problem will be the bottom pair because they have hooks which attached to the tow ring on my previous cars. I suspect there's nothing substantial below the tailgate lip to hang them off?

But maybe you can tell me otherwise?

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