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Ford Focus Zetec Tdci 1.6 Diesel

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Hi there

Wonder if any of you can offer advice. I have an 06 Ford Focus which has 78,000 on the clock. Months after buying it I had to replace the turbo with was costly enough. Now the engine is making a noise (which settles down after a while) but the engine oil light is coming and going off periodically. Checked the oil and that seems to be OK. The garage are now saying that to resolve this problem I would need to have the engine stripped down and more than likely replaced. Not being mechanically minded I now know that Fords of this age had problems with their engines being starved of oil as the filters became blocked. Would changing the tappits / oil filter / oil help resolve this problem? I dont want to spend too much on this car as I was going to get rid of it anyway. Already spent over £2000 on the car which originally cost £5500.

If this doesnt solve the problem does anyone know where I can get shot of this car as I dont need the hastle and if I had known that Fords had this problem when I was working at the Ford dealership in Inverness I wouldnt have touched them with a barge pole. :(

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Welcome to the forum.

Purchase a can of wynne's engine flush and put in in the oil 10 minutes before you change the oil.

This will break down sludge and varnish in the sump and pipes.

You will see it when you flush it out mate, its great stuff but read the label always follow exact instructions on the tin for best results.

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