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Where To Splice Into 12V Cigarette Cable For Phone Cradle

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Hi I've just purchased a Ford Focus 2009 1.6 Zetec and am in the progress of doing a number of mods to get it the way I like.

Most important for me is the phone cradle in my car, I want this to have a permanent supply which I believe the 12v cigarette socket provides.


I had this set up in my old car so I removed all the old wiring before I got it scrapped, now I just need to find somewhere to splice it in.

I was aiming to join it to the center socket , but I can't seem to get good access to this. I did manage to get the cover from under the handbrake to lift off and I can see the cables running there, but their is very little access.

I tried to remove the drawer under the window heaters, but I can't seem to figure out how to remove it.

I suppose I could remove the radio and connect it to the back of that, but I'd prefer to keep it on the socket wiring as that's where it should be really.

Any suggestions?

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Hiya Pete

If you take a look at my signature , below and click the guide for installing Cup holder led's it will show you how to get the centre console off which will give you access to the 12v aux. Your now going to be pulling very ,uch power for the phone holder so basically a 12v live on ignition will do. I would protect it with an extra fuse

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Thanks, looks easy when you do it, I'll have a go, hopefully enough access with the cup holder off.

I have an actual car phone charger that would normally be plugged into the cigarette socket. I just took it apart and soldered a cable directly into it so I can hide it behind the trim. So I don't think it should need a separate fuse.

I can't imagine having that big coiled wiring going up to the cradle, how ugly.

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Thanks for the guide I managed to get it done. Easy when you remove the coffee cup holder etc. Also found lots of coffee under the cup holder mat, pretty disgusting, glad it is cleaned up now.

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