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Hi can anyone tell me If I have worked this out right, I have a 2002 Mondeo 1.8 LX Petrol I put in £25 fuel in at 139.9 litre I have done 74 miles till the fuel light come on again according to an online calculator I am getting 19 mpg is this correct (ps I have only done very short journeys). should I be getting more to the gallon

thanks in advance

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On them calculators you put in how many litres you have put in to how many miles you have done make sure you use a uk one

Saying that if you have put the info in and that's what it say then yes

To be honest that's not very good mpg

Not sure what mpg tge petrol one should do get some red x down it or look on you tube at injector cleaning I think NOT SURE you can do it on a petrol

Have fun


Ps I am not a mechanic lol just a DIY person lol it's cheaper

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