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hello my names mark i live in yorkshire, i drive a ford focus 1.8 tdci titanium on a 56 plate and 24 years of age.

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum, and excellent engine choice on your focus,

When you get a moment join photobucket or similar image hosting site and upload some images of your motor, then link the .img code from each image to the forum for them to display.

Also if your interested in modifications please see links to my guides below this post, most of my guides are available to download and print in PDF format for easy to follow while on the job, they also include online links to the exact items required.

Other members guides can be found in the guide section of the forum.

Also check out DMB Graphics at www.dmb.co.uk for some gel badge overlays to change your blue ford badges to somthing unique.

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cheers guys i will and has anyone thought of making the club as a app on android and itunes so then people can post and look whilst on the move or just make it so that they veiw their pst and reply by signing in? just a thought lol

and ill get some pictures up a soon as i can of the car

and the site is great aswell cant really find any faults with it too be honest :):):)

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