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4 Door 8V Sedan

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Is anyone familiar with a ford 4 door 8v sedan similar to the crown vic that was produced with a ford logo any time during the 2000's.

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Hi JB,

Not sure exactly what you're trying to track down, e.g. simply info or to locate a specific sedan/part/accessory, but I hope the following info helps (apologies if you know much of this already)! ;)

The Crown Vic was built on the Ford 'Panther' platform which in the early 2000's included the Mercury Grand Marquis and Marauders, as well as the Lincoln Town Car (all offered as V8 4-dr sedans)

We sell ex-civilian Crown Vics as well as the ex-NY taxi cab variants here in UK, and we exclusively import fully restored 2008-2010 cop spec variants too for sale around Europe.

They're all fantastic cars - routinely running 300,000 miles+, with 20mpg+ fuel economy, and real head-turners.

The cop cars - i.e. P71 'Interceptors' - share the same chassis as your F-150, and some of the civilian Crown Vic parts, but also feature an uprated (but specially silenced) V8 4.6L motor, plus a range of outrageous features which are normally only found on law-enforcement cars (check out www.usa-cop-cars.com/specifications/ for the full list)! We adapt them so they are fully street legal over here, even including the deafening sounds and fully operational lighting systems.

Check out our website at www.USA-cop-cars.com for more info.

If you can provide me with more info as to what you're looking for, we'll do what we can to help.


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