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New Mondeo Owner 2.2Tdci


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hi hoping you can give some advice. just bought a 2005 2.2tdci mondeo 155bhp and on starting it soun ds "lumpy" as in it ticks over but doesnt feel or sound smooth is this normal or am i going to have problems? also have started to hear a whining noise from the back drivers side wheel...think it probably wheel bearing...is this a straight forward job or am i looking at a garage job....thanks for looking and any advice appreciated.



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Hello and welcome,

The 2.2 is a great engine, it should be nice and smooth at idle though so something isn't quite right on yours - possibly the egr valve.

Whining noise will be a wheel bearing, rear ones are pretty straight forward to change

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hi thanks for that and the welcomes. looks like next weekends job....if theres no snow...lol. but more problems this morning,got to work and restarted the car after about 4 hrs and was totally engulfed in white smoke....big..big cloud of it.

the mondeo has replaced a vectra and what a difference between them....mondeo a lot better....but just hoping i havent bought a bad one....


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EGR Valves are common on this engine... my dads had 2 of them... and maybe a 3rd this weekend!! Luckily 2 of them under warranty!!

These are all after about 30000-35000 miles!!

I can see a blanking plate being bought...

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