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Was browsing the forums a couple of days ago and thought "I should sign up" so started the process

and then found out I'd already signed up, but it was in 2011 :oops:

So I'm Rob from Staffordshire and this is a rather belated "hello".

Car history :

Minis (the original type) - Both scrapped after badly failing the MOT due to a few non-standard "ventilation" holes.

Escort XR3i - Dead and eventually scrapped due to serious tin worm attacks to front X-member, sills, windscreen flange, floor pans, battery box and most of the rear end. I think the bumper armature was actually keeping the rear end in shape !

Fiesta 1.4Tdci - Great little car with a good MPG (avg was 65, max was 72), but it really needed a bit more "get up and go" as motorway uphill overtaking really didn't feel safe, so it got part-Xed for my current car.

Focus 1.6Tdci - Despite being bigger/heavier than the Fez it is averaging 61 MPG (so far), but the in-dash MPG figure is rather optimistic as it reports at least 5MPG more than it should.

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