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Newbie Greetings

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Hi Peeps

I am Claire from Kent. I have loved Fords all my life, although my first car was a Rover ( yowsers) I have had Fiesta XR2i 16V

and for the last 6 years a Performance blue Fiesta ST. Have looked on these forums casually for years and thought it was time to stop being a wallflower and come and have a dance.

Ordered the new Fiesta ST2 yesterday for May delivery. I am so excited although it means I lose my beloved Broxi (the old ST) He has only done 20k Miles but I have loved every single yard/ Meter.

Got to let him go now but he will never be forgotten.

Do you guys have any of your old cars that you really miss? I miss them all but some definitely stay in your heart longer than others.

glad to be on the dancefloor. x

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Love the name of you car lol broxi's the mascott at rangers lol ive only ever had a corsa before the car ive got just now lol so never missed an old car haha thats what im saving up for :) an ST2 spirit blue. I went past a brand new one yesterday sounds sad but I got well excited haha

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yeah Dan- Big Bluenose - myself. Hence - always a blue car. Gone for the new Spirit Blue myself. Lived down here too long now but love the Gers more than ever. Gotta think of Rangers derived name for the new one. XR2i was Coisty, so thinking Coops after Davie- What a player and tragic he died so young. Baxter could be good or Greigy. What do ya think?

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