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Changed Fuel Filter.. Now Will Not Start

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Coulds someone tell me which way to put the pipes on to the filter 1 pipe goes in the small one cant go no where else, but their is 2 big connectors 1 pipe going to the diesel pump and 1 pipe going to the floor back of engine i think, and the filter as arrows on... i dont no which ones go where as i mixed the up thanks

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big 1 in middle goes to diesel pump mate

Thanks i thought it did, but every diesel i can find are 115bhp and have the diesel pump pipe in the middle so wasnt to show if the 130 bhp layout was the same...i was 100% show i took the pump pipe off the first "IN" hole on the filter but that is wrong lol... but thinking about it the "IN" hole will be for the fuel going in from the tank and "OUT" is going to the pump

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