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Hi all, I'm new on here but not to fords I've had a Focus 1.8 tdi for the last ten years its now 13 years old with 120000 miles on the clock of which I've done 80000. It's been a fantastic car and very reliable never failing to start and still on original battery and heater plugs.

The reason for joining this forum is because the old beauty is starting to cost me money now which is understandable given her age and I've decided to get a new car.

Having spent the last three weeks researching and trawling the web for a suitable replacement ( Mpv,insignia and mini amongst the favourites ) I've decided on another Focus due to the fact I know it's reliable and safe , but which one ,

Diesel ? Maybe

Petrol 1.6 I don't think so

Oh what about the 1 litre 125 petrol the missis said ?

When I finally picked myself up off the floor and plucked up the courage to ask her if she was serious she then bombarded me with all this info and to my surprise I'm quite taken on it !

So if anyone can shine a light in the right direction I will be very grateful indeed because the forums just make it harder to decide because of the differing mpg figures .

Thanks for listening bobbins

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Hi and welcome to the forums, you only want to go with a deadsel if your doing plenty of miles, 1ltr Focus , has been good and bad reviews regarding mpg

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