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I recently bought a '97 Mk3 Mondeo which was imported into Ireland from the UK. In Ireland all the road speed limit signs etc. are in Kmh while the speedo in the Mondeo is in Mph. Obviously the speedo also reads Kph in the smaller dial, but I wondered if it was possible to change the readout for a Kph dial. The car I had before had the Kph readout and I had become accustomed to it. Anyone know if changing the dial (as opposed to the entire panel) is a possibility ?

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Sure is mate, dead easy too. I'd recommend a set of white Lockwood dials and get them with the KPH reading. Don't have any links handy but google them and maybe contact them and they should be able to sort you out. If you don't like the white then I'm sure you can still get original style black ones just with KPH instead of MPH.

Here's a pic of mine when I changed them on my Mondeo Zetec S, got them for about £30 on the bay...


Here's a link for removing current dials and fitting replacements...


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