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Hi Y'all :)


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My name is John, I bought a 04 plate, 1.4TDCI, Fusion 2 with under 60k on the clock just over a year ago, just looking to upgrade the stereo and hopefully sort the dings and scrapes for the moment.

Just MOT'd for the first time just needed a back box and a new tyre :) which is a relief after 2-3years of owning a R reg Renault.

Not changed anything yet (in a good way, I did manage a 360 coming off a roundabout which modified the driver side rear wheel to death and put a little ding in the passenger side rear corner)


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Welcome to the Forum John.

Nice modification mate, not fun swapping ends on a roundabout is it?

Ta :D

Not fun at all, I've had the back end step out before when I've hit potholes when cornering but I've always caught it before I'm facing the wrong way... this time it was way too quick all I could do is hang on and hope.

Managed to get most of the dent out (piece of wood and a rubber mallet), just needs a rub down, little filler and a respray.... waiting for summer as I don't have a garage... we might get a sunny day this year..


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