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Hi there guys!

I'm new here but have used the website before to help troubleshoot problems.

Now ill be straight up, I'm pretty crap with all the car malarkey! So hopefully one of you kind people would lend some advice.

I drive a simple 07 plate fiesta, 3 door model. Nothing fancy, but its mine :)

Now the problem is my window doesn't go up or down which is quite frustrating when I'm at McDonald's!

Now I've taken the door panel off and taken a look and have found that the cog on the motor is snapped :(

Pretty obvious I need to replace the motor which is fine, but I can't find any drivers side motors :( I can find them brand new for around £115 but I can get hold of a passenger side one for about £20! Now whilst looking I have realised I can get a drivers side motor, same car, same year BUT its for a 5 door model.

So my question is, will the motor for the 5 door work on my 3 door fiesta? It's only £25 with P&P but would rather have confirmation before parting with my cash.

Thank you all for any comments, replies or advice!!!

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Hi and welcome to the club. Is it electric Windows or manual? Guessin electric? If so looking at the 2 motors for the 5 dr and the 3 dr they look slightly different so I wouldnt have thought so. Why not try a breakers yard? You might be able to pick on up for next to nothing :)

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Hmmm interesting! Looking at pictures on the Internet I couldn't really differentiate between the two!! I've phoned up a couple places they all rekon that they cost around £70 :(

Completely unrelated but (please don't laugh) would it be worth fitting a turbo to my fiesta? 1.2 petrol :$

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If it was me id try the 5Dr one since its only £25 and if the worst comes to the worst you could send it back and say you accidentally orderred the wrong one :)

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Alrighty then! Minds made up gonna order it and try it :)

And now to look for a turbo ;)

Dont know how much benifit you'd get from fitting a turbo you'd maybe be better asking someone whos abit more in the know :) lol

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