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Hi From Cardiff - 1St Day Of Focus Ownership


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Hi all,

I have just bought a Ford Focus TDCi 1.6 LX today. And after not a good 1st day, I think I may be chatting more with you guys,than I will be chatting to my wife.



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I picked the car up,all seemed fine,then it went into limp mode (red circle looking like a gear link with an I in the middle). Switched off and back on,seemed fine for 10 miles then same again!!!

I have had the car serviced,they plugged in a reader but no fault codes stored,also had some dpf cleaner put into the tank and now having the egr blanked off

It is 06 06 Focus TDCi 1.6 with 100k and FSH,no black smoke and runs lovely when not in limp mode

So,not too sure



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Hi and Welcome to the Forums.

Have you tried taking the car for a good 15 minute 4th gear 70 MPH drive on the motorway it might help clear it out , or it could be a host of things including DPF.

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Welcome aboard the FOC!

Get yourself comfy, take
a look for any guides that might tickle your fancy, and join in with
the best ranking Ford forum out there!

See you soon on the board!

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