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Hi All :)

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Hi all,

New member here up in Lincolnshire. Had a 1961 Ford Pop Deluxe for my first car, just sold it to make way for a 2004 SportKa SE (picking it up this Thursday!), which at the grand old age of 18 is surprisingly affordable for a 1.6. I look forward to contributing :)



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Thanks :) and believe me, I wanted to, but it's not much use as a commuter and general car for a student :P it costs an arm and a leg in oil too, those sidevalves are real pigs as engines. The car was lovely though, RWD has taught me soo much :)

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Lol i bet , i hope you got a good price for it , i would love one of those as a project.

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Thanks you guys :)

I did ok out of it, you always lose out on these things but that's natural, I did it for the love of the car itself :) I got enough to buy the SportKa and have some change left for an insurance deposit & warranty :)

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Welcome aboard the FOC!

Get yourself comfy, take a look for any guides that might tickle your
fancy, and join in with the best ranking Ford forum out there!

See you soon on the board!

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