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Oil Leak Out Of Oil Filter


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Hello. On my 2004 mondeo 2.0 tdci oil leak out of oil filter. No mater how much i try i can not make it stop leaking. Im replaceing oil and oil filter with rubber gasket every 15.000 km but cant stop the leaking. There is no crack or damage. Please help me what to do


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Sometimes the power steering pump leaks and it the fluid drops down to make it seem like an oil leak, keep checking all the fluid levels to make sure its the engine oil

Clean around the area around the leak - that can help you see exactly where its coming from

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what about getting a new oil filter bottom from local scrappy.maybe someone before you has stripped the thread really badly.but id have thought it shouldnt be leaking that badly as long as its done right up properly etc

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The sump plug is a fair distance from the oil filter housing, so it wont be that.

The reason i said check all the levels is because the power steering pump sits above the oil filter, and it it leaks (from a union or the seals etc) the fluid/ oil can drop onto the filter so it can look like its the oil filter leaking (the green fluid/oil looks a lot like engine oil when it drops on tarmac)

If that was already checked then clean the area to pinpoint the exact place the oil is coming from,

If you could post up some pictures on the forum, that would help

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