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Start Up Failure

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Hi, I have a ford focus saloon turbo diesel 2.0 in the year of 2005. I've had a problem most recently in the colder weather that when I start the car, it starts okish but I know it's about to fail and you can hear the engine failing because there aren't enough revs. However when I try to press the accelerator to give it a few more revs and keep it "alive" it doesn't give me revs at all. It only appears to happen in the colder mornings which we have most recently be having. This happens once or twice and then it usually starts fine. What could this be please. I have had a service recently in November too but noted it did it once or twice before this service anyway.

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Could be that the filter was installed the wrong way around, or the seal wasnt installed properly. Might be worth taking it back to the servicing garage for another look, but I would put my money on either of those!

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