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Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci 07

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I've never really wired anything, so I'm not that confident. I wanted to do the footwell light mod, but again I wasn't confident with the wiring side of things. I'll take a look again.

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The loom I made for the extra power sockets on my console is plug'n'play.

It just requires plugging in between the connector to the front socket and the socket itself then the centre and rear sockets plugging in.

No cutting or soldering needed :)

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How much was it for the parts? Does this work with a double din aftermarket head unit that would fit into a normal mk2 dash (I have an Alpine double din unit).


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My parts were more costly as I went with the RS carbon trim but a good used console in standard silver or Titanium carbon are probably about £80 for the console, £30 for ashtray (if wanted) and £30ish for the radio surround.

Only additional parts (if the centre console is complete) are the replacement footwell panels and the rear mounting bracket.

Have a look at my guide (via my links below).

I can find bits on eBay for you if needed but the panels/bracket would be a Dealer job.

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Thanks Stoney and Gaz. I'll take a look at your guides again when I get a chance.

I'll been to the dealer to pick up my ST spoiler. It came with a clear brake lens. I was kind of hoping it would be red, but it'll be fine. Got my boot badges as well, so I'll put some pictures up to let people see what comes with the spoiler kit.

Car goes in later today to get the suspension bushes fixed tomorrow and to get the battery checked as I'm still losing volts.

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Ok so that's the Powerflex bushes fitted to replace the ones that were knackered. I picked my mechanic up wrong when he had told me which bushes were needing to be renewed. It was suspension bushes on the front end of the car but towards the rear of the front end if that makes any sense whatsoever. They were so far gone, that I've had to change what gear I drive the car in depending on how fast I'm going, otherwise I get a bit of resonance near 1000rpm (I'm bad for driving at 30mph in fourth and 40mph in fifth which isn't ideal for the 5 speed box ratios). He checked out the fan belt and battery and told me all was good. My battery issues most likely stem from not driving the car often as the current draw is within acceptable parameters.

He also did the alignment seeing as how he had disturbed the suspension. This was also handy, as the coilovers have had plenty of time to bed in. Before and after - all in the green now.


I've also got my ST spoiler and some boot badges:





Just missed out on a set of Kuga alloys which would have suited the Focus. Currently got my eye on an interior and some mk2.5 rear lights. I've also purchased a white LED illuminated ignition. Onwards and upwards!

Does anyone know if the brake light for the ST spoiler is comprised of LEDs?

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I was thinking about selling them or getting them powder coated and put onto the mondeo. The mondeo wheels are multi-spoke and are a nightmare to clean. All the wheels I like aren't 5x108 and don't have the correct offset to run hub adaptors. It's something I miss from my VW days of having countless wheels to pick from.

Anyway, I've been reliably informed that a pallet has been delivered to the house that should contain my new interior and mk2.5 lights. Let's hope it's ok!

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Well I came home to this in the garage:










I didn't realise that the drivers seat was electric! The connectors on the drivers seat are pictured below. I'm not sure whether these seats are heated either. They have little levers on the front two seats which seem to plump the back of the seat towards the person seating on them. Nice to have a rear armrest with cup holders! Can anyone help with the wiring side of things?



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It would seem the passenger seat seems to have a similar set of electrical connections and a 6 CD changer. Never saw that coming!

I'll need to do a bit of research to see how this all goes together.

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ok if you do ever decide to sell the wheels please could you give me a shout with a price as I might buy them off you.

the parcel you recived looks good

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I'll bear that in mind Barry :D .

The parcel is nice, but it has left me puzzled. I'll need to do a bit of research as I have a feeling I'm going to need more bits to make it all work.

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This is all kinds of awesome! Was it from a Mk2 or a facelift version? Love the leather as it looks barely used and the rear sear cupholder is a welcome addition. Did you get it from a breakers or online? Very nice find and keep us posted how the electrics work out :)

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Yeah, I was bricking buying all of this based on poor quality pictures, but apart from the odd scuff on the door cards, it's just in need of a clean!

I bought it from a breakers in Yorkshire that sell stuff on eBay all the time. Everything turned up in one piece thankfully.

I went to Ford about the loom but we gave up in the end. I said to the guy that perhaps the wiring to make the seat move was already in my car. I've had a look under my driver's seat and there appears to be a loom with a 10 square rectangular connector. It looks similar to the leather driver's seat, so it's maybe plug and play. My fuse box has pictures of a heated seat and a seat moving, so if I'm lucky, the wiring to the fuse box is already there.

Apparently the interior came from a 2009 titanium x ghia, if there's such a thing!

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So I started to put the leather interior in today. The result was a bit of a mixed bag with a less than satisfactory start! I removed the driver's seat and replaced it with the electric leather seat. I plugged in the connector and started the car up. And nothing happened.


It would appear that my connector has the wiring I require missing:



The connectors on the electric seat:


I couldn't even bolt the electric seat into the car as I needed to move the seat forwards and backwards to put the four bolts in. I thought I might as well hoover the carpet seeing as how the seat was going to have to come back out. You can see the wiring loom going under the carpet:


So not wanting today to be a total waste of time, I set about removing my stereo that was bolted to my back seats and put the leather ones in:


Quick hoover:


Seats completely out:


The leather seats needed a good clean, so I used some Gliptone cleaner and conditioner that I had for a previous car I'd owned with leather seats:



There was a bitter/sweet moment when I realised that the armrest had a secret compartment. I wasn't keen on what I found inside!


Some Megs all purpose cleaner made it look a bit more respectable:


My back was killing me, but fortunately my other half brought me some motivation:


Seats going back in:



A vast improvement:


The only thing that is annoying me is that the middle seat belt fastener is the wrong way round. The belt is sitting exactly the same as the old one. I'm not sure if it's possible to flip it round? Anyway, that's as far as I got because I was running out of light and my back was killing me. Makes a big difference to how the car looks though and I'm happy with it.

I just need to solve the problem with the driver's seat and figure out if the seats are heated. Any suggestions?

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So I had a wee night on eBay and bought some bits and bobs that I've seen mentioned on this site:


Some Bojo interior removal tools for interior panels (I think I read something Lenny or Stoney had said about how good they were), heating knob controls, illuminated ignition kit and the brake light/red glow for the Ford bootlid badge.

Still no further forward with the interior. I think I'll need rear electric window regulators (£10 on eBay per side) but I'm still trying to find someone who can help me.

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So today's adventure involved removing and replacing the passenger door card, front passenger seat and heater controls. Thanks to Pree for showing the method for door card removal in the guide for fitting LEDs to the interior door handle moulding :D

So the standard door card looks like this:


The Bojo tools were worth every penny helping me take the door card off. Didn't leave a single mark! So then I had this:


I struggled a bit to get the new door card on, but then I noticed that there were two door card plastic plugs embedded in the inner door metal as can be seen above (just under the bottom of the window). I had so prise them out and reconnect them to the inside of the new door card. Then everything went to plan:


Nice leather door card with shiny silver trim B)

Then I got a rag and some pliers and removed the old heater controls and replaced them with what appears to be the favourite heater controls of this forum!



Then onto the removal of the passenger seat:



Then after a much needed hoover:


And the finished result:



So now I'm stuck as the rear door cards are for electric windows not the manual windows I have and the driver seat needs wiring :blink:

List of other mods still to fit:

MK2.5 rear lights - no idea when it comes to wiring although I have bought some silvatec indicator bulbs

Rear bootlid Ford badge that lights up red that needs wiring work

Illuminated ignition

I'd also like to do the LED mod for the front footwell lighting, but again I need someone to help me with wiring!

That's all for today!

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