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Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci 07

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I'm hoping it will look good when I get it back on Friday :D

Here's a picture of the number plate lights (they're not quite as mega bright as the picture makes out):


How they used to look:


And a sneaky shot from the paint booth:


Unfortunately the bonnet couldn't be fixed, so it had to be painted again :unsure:. The side strips couldn't be removed entirely, as we discovered that there were clips as well as double sided tape holding them on, so they'll be colour coded instead.

Most of the work has been done, and it's just a case of building it back up. There are white/black Ford gel badges waiting at the post office and I'm also waiting on my DMB door stripes coming. I might be sticking with white wheels after all ;).

Roll on Friday when the car returns!

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Got the car back today. Haven't had much of a chance to take a close look, but it's looking pretty dam good! The rear bumper trim that had previously been colour coded had to be repainted as we suspect that it had reacted to the back to black product I used to use. He also re-painted the boot handle trim as he noticed it was going the same way. This was done for free, so I'm quite happy that they've been fixed.

The bonnet and roof have been fixed and I've finally got my ST spoiler painted, fitted and wired in. He fitted new bump strips which have been colour coded and the back wheel arch has been sorted. I've also got my boot badges fitted which look nice and fresh.

My gel badges arrived:




Picture quality isn't great! I'm hoping to get my white wheels back on and to get some better pictures up. The weather here is pretty crap, so it's stopping me from getting anything done. My DMB stripes are here as well, so hopefully I can get this finished off sometime soon!

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Cheers Barry. Here's a couple of slightly better pictures. I quite like the mk3 Focus badge and the new TDCI badge makes the rear end look a lot cleaner:



I just need to get better weather to fit the gel badges, door stripes and my Team Dynamics Pro Race 3 wheels :)

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must say it does look good fair play.

I completely de badged my boot and I quite like it.

but I do like the mk3 badges you have got.

shame about the weather you got as yesterday day in Cardiff was fine and sunny all day.

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So I managed to get my gel badges on and swapped the front wheels over after a coat of chemical guys wheel wax. I ran out of time to do the back wheels, but it's raining here now so that's just how it is in Scotland! I borrowed the wife's hair dryer to heat the badges up as it's not exactly tropical here.




Some shots of the new interior:



Couldn't resist a little trial fit of my newer wheels:


Starting to come together now:


I just need to get the back wheels on, fit my door stripes and fix the interior light and that's me starting to run out of ideas.

I'm starting a new job at the end of the month and I'll be getting a company car, but I don't want to part with this after everything I've done to it!

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Looking good mate.....I've got some graphite grey stripes to put on the Escort or the Focus. I'll see what the white ones look like on yours before I make up my mind. As I haven't seen them fitted to a Focus without side skirts. :)

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I was thinking along the same lines as you are i.e. will door stripes look a bit naff with a car that has no sideskirts. You mainly see door stripes on ST models which come with sideskirts as standard, so it is a concern that I share. I didn't want to put sideskirts on my car as I would have to ditch the Ford mudflaps and I'd rather keep a hold of them. Even if I did fit sideskirts, the side of the car would then look lower than the front/rear bumpers and it just snowballs from there.

I managed to get the rear wheels fitted, so some extra photos were duly taken. I'm loving the ST spoiler :) It's just a pity that it looks so good from the top down and most people will never see it from that angle:




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Looks like we've been thinking the same with not wanting to ditch the mud flaps and not wanting to buy a full body kit lol.

I like the st bumpers, skirts etc and the Zetec s bodykit but it's the expense. Plus I like how it looks without them.

Yours looks just right how it is now, obviously the stripes may look really good. Making me think about lowering mine (been in two minds for ages). :)

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looking very nice fella and I think the white wheels and badges go well with the colour of your car.

the st spoiler just finishes it all of lovely.

liking how it lowred but not right in the weeds like some cars.

as said just take time out and in joy the car as you have done a bit to it.

will wait and see what the side stripes look like but sure they will look good.

can we have a sneaky pick off the car please lol? or will we have to wait until they are fitted

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Hi buddy, just read through your thread again. Excellent work.

I'm thinking of coilovers for my mk2 as well. We're there any other difficulties other than the camber issues? I was thinking on fitting them myself, advisable or not lol ?

Sent from my iPhone 5s.

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Rear camber is the main issue. You can get camber bolts, but corrosion can prevent them being fitted as per what happened to me. If that happens, then you can drop it as much as I did, but any lower would cause issues.

Anyway, I've now got a VW Passat due to starting a new job and the Focus is up for sale. I got the mk3 Focus 18" wheels refurbed in shadow chrome and put them on our candy red Mondeo. They look pretty awesome!

So if you're interested in the Focus, send me a PM. Looking for £3.5k. Car has only done 50k miles.

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