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Here's my new Beijing-based Mk7!

Sky 3

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Hello everyone!

Just a short intro about myself, I'm an american now working in Beijing and after 6 months of commuting on a electric powered scooter, decided to get a car. It was between a Honda Fit or a Mazda 2 but then the Ford Fiesta was released and I fell in love with its looks and knew this was the car for me!

Car intro: Mine is a 1.3L Auto 2009 Fiesta in blue. They also have a 1.5L and a 1.5 Sports model here which are all more expensive of course. The hatchback version here all have 4 doors unlike you guys in the UK. There's also a sedan version but its fugly! I've had my car for about 2 weeks now and I'm loving every moment of it!

Hopefully soon, I'll be able to get some wheels on it and lowering springs! A lip kit and a rear spoiler would be nice too but its hard to find this stuff since the car is so new and its not even released in the States yet..

Here's a few pics!










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Good evening Sky and welcome.

Looks great but just one snag--someone's put the steering wheel on the wrong side!!! :lol:

I agree with you---most sedans are fugly aren't they?

Like you say it would look better with a body kit etc. ;)

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Looks great but just one snag--someone's put the steering wheel on the wrong side!!! :lol:


Very nice car :) Is it Vision blue? looks darker.

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Nice one. I finally know what an auto looks like inside.

I added a few shots of mine for ya

Good evening and welcome....car is stunnin as per!

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Nice meeting u bunch!

Thanks for the compliments, I'm not sure what the exact name for that shade of blue is since the brocure was all in chinese! I would not have gotten this car if they did not have this colour.. :lol:

Those chinese words u see behind mean Chang An Fu Te or Chang An Ford. (Chang An is the name of the chinese distributor for Fords in China). I'm actually planning to floss it out since i don't like it!

You guys got it good there, plenty of options to choose from! Here, not so much! You can only choose from their base models which each have their own set trims and options. Can't change or add anything!

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Btw, I've been searching high and dry online and on forums but I can't seem to find the info about our wheels.

Anyone know's what our wheel dimensions, bolt pattern and offset size are? I'm assuming beijin based model should be the same as in the UK.

Mountune told me their wheels for the MK7 is 17x7, 4x108 Offset 45.

Can anyone confirm this?

I'm shopping for wheels... B)

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Welcome to FOC Sky ;)

Am i right that imported cars have a high tax band in china? something like 200%? Most big car companies have factories in china just for the chinese market.

I noticed that taxi's in Beijing are Hyundai, but in Shanghai or Kunming most are Volkswagen.

My wife is chinese so visit quite a lot :)

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Thanks RIIIDAA, I'll try searching that!

Hey Steve, thanks for the warm welcome!

Yes, imported cars do have a high tax band in China but I think its not as much as 200%. For an example, my Fiesta is approx US$15k, and I believe thats how much its going to cost when its released in the US next year.

You also have to take into consideration the size of the engine as higher CC's gets taxed more than the lower ones.

Yeah most taxis in beijing are Hyundais and a couple of VWs too. I heard it was because one of the top minister's son is the head of Hyundai China here.. Better Hyundais than some chinese car I always say..

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