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Duratec 2.0 HE rebuilt engine problem


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My friend has recently had his 2001 Mondeo Engine rebuilt as it was burning oil.

Since the rebuild last week it has not been right and despite spending even more £ on it the garage has been unable to fix it...

Symptoms as follows;

Engine starts and idle's fine at all times (cold hot etc)

Engine runs and has power when cold or just after you've stopped for a while (getting petrol etc)

At all other times the engine just has no power or acceleration, I was just in the car and trying to pull away from from a standing start was painfully slow (a combination of trying to get/keep the revs and slipping the clutch in 1st gear) once the clutch is engaged it just lacks power but seems to get better when once its on the move.

He has noticed that its using a lot of petrol and there is an excessive amount of heat being produced, the transmission tunnel and the inside of the car get very warm and the EXTERNAL temperature sensor was showing 27 degrees yesterday (and it wasn't that hot outside yesterday).

The engine temp gauge gets to normal and stays there.

The garage told him yesterday that the problem was a blocked exhaust / catalitic converter so that got replaced yesterday and its still the same (he's just another £300.00 out of pocket)

Today the garage have said they think its the butterfly valves on the inlet manifold asm (the 4 in-line vacuum operated ones) as there is some play in the bearings but they do open and close ok when applying vacuum.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be greatful, my suggestion to him is to get it to a Ford Dealer now, its really dangerous to drive as it just doesn't have any power to pull away.

The timing has been checked and rechecked, the spark plugs are all a nice colour so it looks like the fuel /air mix is good and its firing on all 4 cylinders.

Oh and according to the diagnostic hookup its OK (well no surprise there).

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Thanks for the link, I had no idea there was such a major problem with this manifold.... but worse is that the bloke that rebuilt the engine obviously doesn't know about it either.

Can anyone give me a ball park figure for a new manifold, I am trying to persuade him to glue it up but he would rather replace it.

Why do these things always happen at the start of a bank holiday weekend !

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