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Want To Join The Yorkshire / M1 South Ford Fair Convoy?

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OK guys with just a month to go I thought I would plan a Yorkshire FOC convoy down to Ford Fair this year to see if anyone is interested. If anyone from Yorkshire wants to join and drive down please reply to this post with details of your car model and colour and where you will be joining from the list below. If we can get a fair few cars it should make a decent convoy on the M1. Even if you are not going to be on the FOC stand you are more than welcome to drive down with us.

Now don’t forget there are lengthy road works south of Sheffield that last for about 20 miles with average speed cameras set at 50MPH. In order for us to get on the FOC stand we need to make sure we arrive at Silverstone by no later than 7.30-8 am. My plan is to head straight down the M1 to J15A and onto the A43 to the circuit. There is a McDonalds just before the circuit which should be a good place to grab some breakfast if we have enough time.

To be sure we arrive in plenty of time I suggest we only wait for around 10 minutes at each stop, so if you want to join make sure you arrive early and park up near the car park entrance so we can see you when we arrive.

So planned meeting points so far;

Wooley Edge services southbound 5.00 to 5.10am.

Woodhall services southbound 5.40 to 5.50am

Leicester Forest East southbound 6.50 to 7am

If any other areas are arranging to meet and travel down the M1 we can always meet you somewhere and if anyone has any suggestions for additional meeting points let me know and I can add them in. I look forward to meeting you all and having a great day out.

List of folks joining so far:

Philf1 - Fiesta ST2 @ Wooley Edge - Cacelled camping at Whittlebury now
Phil 87 - Fiesta ST3 @ Wooley Edge
nath.mk7.st - Fiesta ST2 @ Woodhall
paul_focus - Focus MK1 @ Woodhall
Ikoyian - Fiesta ZS @ ?
Nathan54771 - Fiesta ZS @ M6 junction
Nerve - Focus S @ ?

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Il be in a red/ maroon ford focus lx mk1 face lift my reg plate is P800UAL and I'll be at woodhall services at between 5 and 5:30 am I'll have my ford name Paul_focus in the widescreen when parked

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I'm going to try and get to Woodhall also. We are at a wedding 2hours south silverstone at 3pm so gonna pop to ford fair 1st I think n just pay on door if can't get tickets anyone know what time non stand ticket holders can get in as I know most of you can get in earlier ?

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I'll be at Wooley Edge, Fiesta ST3 in Spirit Blue as you can see. That's just a 20 min drive for me, still will need to get up at stupid o'clock but will be well worth it :)

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9am gosh so for me I'll be having to wait in the car for like 2hours while everyone goes in is there no stand passes out there ??

Another sprint blue this is just gonna be the blue st convoy at this rate lol

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I think its necessary to have dashcam footage, or at least a passenger recording this journey!

I'll be bringing a friend so I'll make sure he records all the convoy fun :)

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I hope to meet up with you guys! I'll be coming from Aberdeenshire, Scotland so I'll try to get to your times ;) haha

Car is a Panther Black Zetec S and the reg; CF11 ETE

Looking forward to meeting you guys

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So we are getting a few guys joining now, here's the car list as we stand.

Think I will re-christen this the FOC Grand Depart in view of the weekends festivities here in Yorkshire, haha!

Fiesta ST2 x2

Focus MK1

Fiesta Zetec S

Fiesta ST3

Let's try and get a few more and make this something really special.

Also any area's on our route why not get your own convoy together and we can meet up.

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Looking forward to this :) just not looking forward to the 2hour wait in the car whilst everyone goes to the stand early lol should of bought my ford earlier and signed up to here earlier :( May have to take a breakfast detour :)

Come on you yorkies get ur fingers out let's get a good 10-15 of us :)

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No that's the full list I think

Paul in his Focus MK1

Tom in his Fiesta Zetec S

Phil in his Fiesta ST3

me and Nathan in our Fiesta ST2's

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