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Ford Escort Mk2 Restoration


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I am wanting to start a restoration project on an Mk2 Escort, bearing in mind I have little to no knowledge of how to restore a car but I have a family member who has been a mechanic practically all his life (I don't know how much help I will get off him other than advice as he is busy, I will be doing most of the work myself), I may be able to get some help from friends, how difficult would this be considering I am willing to take my time on the project to learn not just to build the car? And how expensive would you say it would be from past experiences?

I'm also thinking of spraying it Ermine White, I know its not an orginal colour but 2 of my mates have both got Ermine White Mk1's and I think it would look pretty sick having those 3 cars together at a car show etc? What is your opinion?


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having just bought a mk 2 escort and starting to restore it your main problem will be the dreaded rot demon these cars have a tendancy to rot and will need a lot of welding what is something what you need special equipment to do and is best left to someone who can weld, all the other parts are easy to come buy but you can soon end up spending lots of £ as i have. mechanically they are a fairly easy car to work on but it helps that i am a mechanic by trade

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Hi folks,

Many years ago I owned a garage and auto shop. 

At that time 1979 we had a ford escort estate. I went to help a customer who had broken down, when started, she reversed into the passengers door.

I bought a new door but didn’t fit it. I have had it in storage since. It is showing a wee bit if surface rust but is otherwise ok. It suffered a slight storage damage which has been filled but nothing further.

i see in eBay there are quite a lot of period doors, mainly very rusty and holed. The asking price for these is well over £250

if anyone is interested, This is available for £200 plus packing and carriage.



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