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I'm not sure if you need to tell them. Best bet is to get your price then ring them and ask if you have to declare it's a cat d.

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Been away today lol

So, for Bell, they are alright, they are basic and cheap which is all good as long as you dont need to make a claim, but to be fair, I was with admiral for 4 years and never had an issue.

As for insuring a CAT D they dont care, just do the quote pay the bill and then phone them after.

Their systems will flag any CAT cars anyway, as the marker is placed on the vehicle database. These guys use the same Database as the likes of the "check your cars not written off or stolen" branches so they will know.

To get the car on the road you need two things:

1) A standard MOT certificate

2) a VIC check from VOSA. This is just the Vehicle Identity Check which ensures that the car is not a clone.

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nah VIC is purely to check its not a stolen reused reabused and rebadged motor. The MOT ensures that its roadworthy as per the standard checks, but the only way to check it has been fixed back to an entirely safe and suitable manner is to get the car an examination - or a Vehicle Inspection as its otherwise known.

These can be bought for about £150 onwards depending on the level of confidence you want to have in the car.£350 was the cheapest price I found for an all out inspection, they pretty much removed every bolt and ensured there was no damage to the thread on every one of them :p

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