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Mk3 Mondeo - Window Column Fascia - Broken Clips


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I have a MK3 mondeo I was having a microphone taken out today from a third party head unit, unfortunately the people who were doing it were a clumsy mess forgot half of it and randomly kept snipping wires....

Anyway when I got home my fascia next to the front window on the passengers side fell off from the top and inside it appears to be broken. I will not be returning to the store and I could do with fixing this in the cheapest fashion since I will be selling the car shortly.

If I was looking on eBay for this particular item what should I be searching for?

Or could anyone recommend some sort of glue to keep it on which may be suitable?



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The correct name for the part is 'A' pillar trim, the part will be about £30ish from Ford.

If you give them your VIN or Registration they will ensure you get the exact part.

Have you checked whether it's the actual trim that's damaged or the mounting clips attached to the A pillar itself?

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Is it the right colour as in your photos it appears a cream/white?

If it's the right colour then crack on Fella :)

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