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Fiesta Mk7 Metal Mud Flaps Question


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Hi all i'm new here and i've got a question. I've had my Fiesta Metal for a month now and decided to buy a set of Sparco universal mud flaps.



They came without fixings and i'm completely clueless on how to fit them or where to get and brackets that will fit my Metal.

A bit of advice would really go along way :)

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Sorry haven't got a clue if you have no fixings . I would send them back or take them back where they came from .

I have the ford ones fitted on mine they have black metal clips that hold on the edges of the wings and rear bumper and screws that go under the arches. They should have been supplied with some sort of fixing!

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I have just fitted some universal mud flaps to my car and its not a complex process though it does take time. You basically have to remove each wheel then peel back whatever is lining the wheel arch. You then need to locate a number of good fixing points, ideally onto the metal of chassis rather than anything plastic. Drill holes in the car and in the flaps then screw or bolt them into place. I had to make up a bracket for the mudflaps on the front as I couldn't fine enough places to secure them. Remember to mark out how you want the mudflaps to sit on them before you jack up the car otherwise you cant tell how low etc. they should be.

You will only get pre made brackets to fit them if you buy a set of mudflaps specifically meant to go on a fiesta.

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Maybe have a look if places do the Rallyflapz for the Fiesta and see what fittings they come with?

I run them on the Focus, the rears fitted picking up on rear wheelarch liner screws plus a couple of push pins into the fabric liner itself. The fronts again used one of the wheelarch liner screws but then needed you to drill holes in the sill end cap or edge of the wing as well. Went for plan B making a bracket mounted down low and used PU sealant to stick the flap to the end of the sill (on top of pvc tape)

Have always had the Ford mudflaps on previous cars and they usually fit really well, would have been my first choice if they did an ST specific fitting.

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