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Heavy Power Steering

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Hey guys,

I've just noticed how heavy my power steering is in comparison to other cars, the car is a 51 reg and in comparison to newer fiestas the steering when parking feels heavy. I can go lock to lock when stationary with 1 finger in other cars and in this car ; to go lock to lock i'd imagine that I would have to turn the wheel with both hands. Is it just a common thing with this year of car? The steering becomes slightly lighter with speed, so is this some type of speed assisted power steering system?

Would appreciate if those with this car can confirm this.



p.s it can be a nightmare to park at times due to steering

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Wow nothing? Haha guess that means my power steering pump is on its way out.

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Resolved! Turns out both front suspension arms were rusted through and had holes in them :). Replaced - now the steering is much nicer.

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