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Installation Of Gear Lever Gaiter

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I have a 2008 Mondeo Edge tdci Auto - I am un sure haw to remove the gear knob in order to install a new gaiter. Does it simply unscrew? I haven't taken one off before, on an automatic it seems very resistant to being unscrewed.

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Hi I have just replaced my gear gaiter I have a 6 speed hear knob it did take some turning but the top did screw off it's a simple task to do I bought this gaiter off eBay 281065969596

If you have a 6 speed box also pull the old gaiter as far down as you can there is 2 plastic arms attached to the lift for the revers take care slipping these off once you have done this take a small flat screw driver and run it around the silver base start to get a lift on it and work your way abound the base being carful not to brake the clips as it has to go back in. once the base is slightly free unscrew the gear knob. When the gear knob is off carefully lift there lift revers off careful not to tip the spring out and place it to one side. Lift the old gaiter off and leave the plastic piece with the 2 arms where it is.

My old gaiter was strongly stapled in place on the base take the staples off with care not to crack the plastic base. Then put the new gaiter on I super glued mine in place and it worked wonders good luck.

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The auto I believe has screws you need to undo on the auto (or it did on my CMAX!) if you unscrew it anticlockwise and it works great, if not, you will struggle.as they arent the easiest knobs to disassemble.

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