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Bit Of A Dilema......


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Hiya folks,

You may of seen my topic here http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/65252-urgent-help-video-included/

I outlined my car failing on Christmas Eve, with the Focus currently at a motor engineers garage pending the hunt for an engine. Now I am just wondering about the next steps to be honest and I'm wondering what my best bet and option is.

The problem has been identified as a conrod smashing the rear of the engine block, writing off the engine. Now looking at the situation, would the cost of the engine damage and subsequent replacement outweigh the overall cost and long term depreciation values of the car?

It's a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S with 40k on the clock.

Hope everyone is well.

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I would say get a car valuation through Glasses or Parkers as it stands, my rough guess would probably say the cars cost is around £8k on a very good day for private sale.

I would suggest, if the cost of engine, repair, and other parts exceeds 4k then your running too much risk. Even installing all these parts is likely to highlight or create a new issue when completed. I would say whatever the vehicles value, take 50% for first time around parts and labour, then add £1k for additional parts and work post engine fitment. If your overall quote for new parts matches this or less (preferably less im sure!) then I would say go for the repair, but otherwise, consider the replacement of the vehicle.

Realistically, I recon you could get an engine with similar mileage and or youth for around £3.5k with a warranty worth having, alternatively you could get one from a rear end write off or similar with a 90 day warranty or similar for around 1.8k to 2.8k

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haha, we shall have to have Ryan do a how to on installation and operation. We can then extend the knowledgebase and attract some attention from BMW owners who dont know how to use them :rolleyes:

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on a good point he was a Ford owner so will realise that we all pay road tax as well, and in that case were allowed to be there too.

He will also know what the phrase "fitted as standard" means and can pass it on to other Beemer users.

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