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Broken St 3


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Hey, So.. I picked up my brand new St 3 the other week whilst back in the UK, literally had it for 2 days and some stupid women pulled out into my lane after exiting a round about. Which has caused the front right panel, above the wheel arch to dent inwards and drop slightly, so its scoring my tyre when i go over bumps. Anyone know where i could grab a spirit blue side panel, ive looked on eBay, no luck.. my insurance is taking far too long to fix it. :(

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Make sure you don't screw up any insurance claim by doing it yourself. There is no way I would do it myself when it's the insurance companies responsibility! Can you not temporarily reshape the damaged panel till it's sorted properly?

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I agree with the last two posts, don't mess up any claim via your insurers by doing it yourself, you want to take this woman's insurers to the cleaners if she's found at fault.

The only reason I can tell why insurers drag their feet is if the claim is in dispute, so it sounds like she's potentially trying it on, and it may well end up in court. Make a pita of yourself and contact the insurers regularly for updates, and make it clear (if it is so) that the car is undriveable

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