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Fault Codes


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Hi guys. Could anybody please help me to establish what these mean please. A few garages are telling me different things. ?? :-) I'm going out my mind with this car !!!!!!! post-59081-142073304512_thumb.jpg

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I had it once, and in my case it was the hose INTERCOOLER -> EGR, but it might also be the other: TURBO -> INTERCOOLER.

Where the speed-sensor is located, that, I do not know :(

Also this:

"P132B is a code related to the calibration from the recall 06E17. It means that there is a problem with the VGT system. P132B is a fault code that is set if the required boost levels are not achieved during a learn cycle or at specific speed fuel demand points. This code indicates that there are issues with the turbocharger, MAF sensor, MAP sensor/hose, IAT2 sensor, intake leaks, or exhaust leaks, etc."

Start with cleaning MAP and and IAT2 sendors, and check all the CAC boots for leaks.

"A solution MAY be as simple as performing the VGT relearn process, or it could be related to the above possibilities. I would suggest to try cleaning the IAT2 and the MAF sensor (w/ MAF sensor cleaner, not carb cleaner)"

As you see,it can vary....

Meanwhile, I have done some searching after the speed sensor....

Only the PFL has the 'real' VSS, located on the gearbox, on the FL & FFL, this sensor is removed and his 'function'

has been taken over by the ABS sensors. They send a signal to the ABS pump, which converts the signal into a CANBUS signal....

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Hi mintalkin. I've tried the actuator. It moves freely a bit but then can move a bit more with a bit of force wich is leading me to believe the vanes are clogged up. It's been to garage today and they said my hoses/pipes are fine. No splits or nothing. So it's got to be something turbo related I presume. :-/ :-/

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