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Light Upgrade


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Looking to change my lights.


Just wondering if anyone has use these, do you think it'd be much of an improvement from the standard?

Are they much hassle to fit?

Also I've the 2013 1lt ecoboost, does that make it the facelift model? Because I was reading the bulbs list and apparently the facelift model is different from the main beam buld advertised on eBay?

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All I can say is they're just normal halogen bulbs tinted blue (NOT xenon), so they'll produce a whiter/bluer light.

If you want xenons (or aka HIDs) then you will need bixenon projector headlights (have you got them already?) or high beam projectors and keep a halogen low beam as it WILL fail an MOT in reflector headlights.

I've written a topic on fitting bi xenon projectors on my headlights & they passed MOT

Nightbreaker's would be an improvement over standard for not too much money & fine in reflector headlights

Some LED sidelights would be much better aswell & they'll use less power when you've got your sidelights on without the engine running

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If you want a decent upgrade go for osram cool blue intense http://www.amazon.co.uk/INTENSE-halogen-headlamp-64210CBI-HCB-double/dp/B005Q0F9PA hey last longer than night breakers etc and look great! and for highbeam go for night breakers (you don't use high beam much) you will love it

Also of upgrading interior lights to usb here are a link intense thread just look at ma post


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I have just replaced the dips on my Focus, I got a pair of Bosch Pure Light for £12.60 after my Halfords discount (the staff cannot work a calculator, should have been £18.99) and they are brilliant.

Before (1st pic) and after (second pic)



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