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Mk 3.5 Zetec S Questions


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Hi All,

I currently have a 2013 Zetec S 2.0 diesel, but considering changing this year to a Mk 3.5. Thinking about the 1.5 Ecoboost Zetec S, and Im a little dissapointed that Ford dont offer the 182 version in this model

For those who have upgraded to the new model already can you answer a few questions?

  • Are the front visors illuminated?
  • Do the 18" wheels have a reduced turning circle? (I understand the older ones have a limiter on the steering rack).
  • What does the stereo sound like? I found the standard setup in mine a bit lacking in bass and bright, with the tweeters positioned so high up - I have since sound deadened the doors and added a sub to the boot.
  • What is the interface like for Ipods/USBs?
  • Do you have to go for the full convenience pack to get foldling mirrors and rear electic windows?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. No
  2. Yes, but I haven't really noticed to be fair.
  3. I'm quite happy with it, after a bit of tweaking. It will be the same as your current car in terms of sound quality though afaik.
  4. I have a USB in the arm rest and another port next to the cubby hole in front of the gearstick. Not sure about ipods, expect it will be the same as your current car.
  5. Yes

Regarding the 182 vs 150 thing, the 182 is pointless imo.

0.3 seconds difference 0-60 on paper, but the car has so much power from 1.5K to 4K, that I could break any speed limit in 3rd without dropping out of the full torque zone. You don't need the torque to extend beyond about 4-4.5k. The 150PS makes so much more sense, all the power of the 180PS in the rev range that you can actually use, cheaper insurance, cheaper to buy, etc.

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Thanks for that Alex,

Pity about the visors! Its the one thing my wife complains about as every other car we have had over the last few years has had them.


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I had them in my Titanium X, but haven't missed them on the Zetec S. I'm sure you could fit something though if you wanted to...

I have also switched from the 163PS 2.0 diesel to the 1.5 Ecoboost 150PS. It is so much better to drive, you don't get the raw grunt of the diesel, but the car feels (and is) faster as it holds speed through the bends better, doesn't lean out from the weight of the engine and is generally a much more flexible and fun engine to drive.

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