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Accelerater/rev Problem 2012 Style


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Does anybody have any infomaiton on this problem,

bought a used car yesterday with full service history, it was an ex-fleet car so all service history seems to check out etc.

This morning however on the motorway when i was in 6th gear the accelerator became unresponsive and the car started to slow down.

The rev counter also just froze so i pulled in and turned off the ignition. when i turned it on again and started to drive it happened again.

I pulled in a third time and restarted the problem seemed to go away.

Does anybody have an idea of what it might be.Probably have to bring the car back but it might be the case that it only happens occaisionally and might be hard to replicate.

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There is a question about the legal situation where you are, but here you would be able to take it back to the selling dealer and demand that they fixed it or give you your money back.

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Thanks for the reply.

i might take it for a test run later and see if it happens again. i havent phone up the dealer yet.

There is a 3 month warrenty on the car but not on wearable parts such as exhaust/clutch etc just on the engine.

Still at a loss to what the issue could be though.

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