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Automatic Lights


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I have had our 14 plate car for two months. Initially the automatic lift function turned the headlights on and off appropriately, now the tend to stay on even in bright light. Occasionally they behave properly for an hour or so but then revert back to staying on. I thought that a dirty windscreen might have been the problem, but it now seem there must be some other reason. Any suggestions or do I have to take it back to the dealer?

Thanks in advance

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naw ye dont have to take it back to dealer its to do with the winter solstice sun is lower in sky so not producing enough light for them to turn off which is a possible reason to keep them on in the first place as if you look at other cars (audi bmw merc peugeot etc) all do the same bud if you dont like it turn it off but personally i keep them on

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This is a common complaint on these forums, but in my opinion it's not a problem. As James says this is to do with the sun being low in the sky, which means you should have your lights on anyway to make yourself more visible.

If there is any point where the sun is making it difficult to see in any direction, you should have your lights on. A car can easily be hidden by the glare of the sun. You could argue with DRLs you are plenty visible, but that might not be enough especially when they only make the front of the car more visible.

Rant over :)

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