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Mondeo Tdci Flashing Glow Plug Light

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Hi all,

All started when driving home and the glow plug started flashing but didn't feel like i lost power car drove home as normal...tried to start next moring...it turned and tried to start but didnt catch and battery died eventually....came back at night and jumped it and must have took 12-15 turns for it to actually start but when it did tons of smoke belched out and when trying to rev it was struggling almost as if it was starving for fuel or air. So basically it'll start no problem when warmish but if its sat overnight it struggles to start off its own battery power.

Read many posts regarding this problem and done what i can to solve it...to no avail so far. I'll list my work so far and maybe point me to somehwere next.

Waiting on Ford Scanner to come to get fault codes, but in the mean time i have tried the common things to change/clean.

Egr Valve cleaned...but rounded a nut when fitting and now can't get it off to fit blanking plate :(

Inlet manifold cleaned out with carb cleaner

Fuel filter replaced (didn't see metal shards but the fuel that came out did has particles init)

replaced air filter whilst i was at it

Glow plugs changed.

Until my scanner arrives am kinda stuck to goto next....

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OK update, started ok this morning but still has flashing light and engine light. Smoked a good but driving about.

Forgot to mention that when cleaning out the egr/manifold it wasn't dry and was more of a black sludge that I scrapped out. The manifold was wet from the left and at the right it was dry...Also when removing the goow plugs the furest left one was a bit wet/sludgey.

Leaking oil into cylinder or something!

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Another update is....its starts great. But for the first 15 mins its stutters trying to hold a rev and smokes unburnt fuel a lot. But soon clears and runs decent but still with engine light and flashing glow plug light.

Could it be bad air delivery/leaky air hose. Check maf sensor and looks clean...no obvious air leaks I can see....could a miss aligned or miss fitted egr valve cause it

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