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Ford Fiesta 09 Plate Broken Into - Replacement Parts?

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Hello everyone,

my first post in a while and it's not a happy one!! I went for a night out in Bristol and stayed over at the travelodge and parked in their 'secure' carpark.

came to leave in the morning and glass was everywhere. they completely wrecked my windows and stole all my tech (that was hidden away in the glove box!) all the interior is scratched etc etc.

Anyway, I've got the car hoovered out (and cut myself on some of the glass) and booked it to be repaired Monday.

the theives for some reason broke off bits of my interior and was wondering if you could shed any light of what they were and where can I get replacements? please see album attached:


My car is a 2009 plate Ford Fiesta

I'd appreciate any help!!


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From the pictures, all you need is the 1 blanking cover (screw cover) & 1 seatbelt that looks like they have been cutting at it (looks a bit frayed in a few places) but the small, long narrow gaps just behind the seatbelt (in pictures) are supposed to be like that, that is normal.

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To be honest I'd just take it to a ford dealer and get it replaced. What did the travel lodge say about this if the claim for their car park to be secure?

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they asked me to fill in their online survey to explain what happened. I was told they checked the car park hourly (its basically in the premier inn building!) so I'm befuddled how this took up until 11:30 in the morning for me on checkout to notice it all was stolen with glass everywhere! it obviously happened overnight. My poor Ford :(

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Lots of car crime/vandalism in Bristol.

3 years ago, while living there, a family member had their door handle pulled off. Another had their wing mirror smashed off - at one point there were a group of scumbags constantly smashing the NS wing mirrors of parked cars. Like 10 or more parked cars in a row. Took the local plod a while to catch the scum.

Not that it had any effect - its like whack-a-mole. If you search for "bristol mirror car vandalism" on google, you'll see that vandalism is still widespread.

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