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Cd Player/ Radio Stopped Working :(

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Hi all,

Recently I've been noticing this more often, when driving the cd player sometimes cuts out and loses power and refuses to be turned on, at the start it used to automatically turn it self on later. As time passed, its been getting worse and it seems to get aggravated most by bumps and sometimes high revs.

note: pressing the button like a mad man after its cut out doesn't turn it on, however left over night sometimes it fires up in the morning but sometimes it doesn't.


P.S. I have no manuals for this car or a wiring diagram or fuse box layout diagram. It is the 6000 CD model.

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I'd say it's likely that one of the connector plugs on the back of the radio is loose.

Buy a set of tools and pull the radio forward then check the plugs are all solid and that all wires are firmly in place.

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I had a suspicion that could be it, in terms of the tools I need to pull the audio bit out, what are those tong things used to unclick the unit called and do you know where I could get them?

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If your radio is this kind-


Then you need this type of key-


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