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A Big Announcment


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It's been hard not to speak about it but my Missus and I are with child

We decided we wasn't telling anyone other than immediate family until we had the first scan

She is now 13 weeks along and the first scan was yesterday at city hospital

We are both really excited


It was amazing seeing the precious little thing moving about on the ultrasound

The next scan just needs to hurry up now so we can find out what we are having

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Thanks for all the kind words folks

The Missus and I have been together now for 4 years and 4 months so it certainly feels like the right time to have a family of my own. I'm prepared for the increased stress and sleepless nights to come but I know it will all be definitely worth it. I'm gonna be a proud daddy.

My Missus agrees with you there Phil mate, she says I'm gonna have no money to spend on Titan anymore :( obviously it will be much better spent on baby. Already got our eyes on a new set of wheels, complete with two cup holders, glove box, big boot and even a sun roof so in a way better spec'd out than the mondeo


Missus also agrees with Clive in that it looks like a girl. Going by the skull shape theory. Naturally, she wants a girl so she can dress it up in pink frilly things and naturally I want a little me, so that when I do have a daughter she'll have a big brother to look after her.

Obviously whatever we have, he/she will be loved all the same. Though I have said that if we do have a girl I'm buying a shotgun to follow her around with :)

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This is coming from a bloke with 3 sisters and no brothers mate. It was horrible and embarassing growing up. Also my cousins was all female part from one.

Do you think I'd an army of sisters/cousins turning up outside school when all the other boys got their big brothers down?

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Congratulations to you both,

We have two girls and a boy, (Tadhg Woods) prounounced like Tiger lol

Boys dont cry as much as girls he does scream at me though sounds like he's on a rollercoaster ride lmao

Theres still room for a hobby after child birth mate, not as much but still a bit

Almost time to go shopping for car seats and buggy's,



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