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Remote Fobs Non Functional After Holiday


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Just returned from six weeks away from the last of the winter!. My daughter was due to pick us up at the a/p in my car, a 2014 Titanium X with Keyless Start and so no 'proper' key' She couldn't get either of the remote keys to unlock the car. When we got home ( in her car ) I set to finding out what the problem was. I couldn't believe the battery was so DEAD flat that the central locking wouldn't at least work. I've left all my other cars in the past for similar periods with no problems!. I had vague recollections of reading somewhere ( can't find it at the moment ) that the car goes into 'shutdown' mode after an extended period but it had certainly not been a problem last year for 2 weeks.

Anyway I remembered that there was supposed to be a 'real' key blade in the remote. After much messing about we eventually found it, pressing the side of the remote lifts the the back, allowing it to be removed and there's the key. Using that in the drivers door operated the central locking and then the car was fine , apart from the alarm went off until the car was started.

So, has anyone else seen anything similar ? and what period causes shutdown ? from my experience 2 weeks is OK but 6 isn't.

NB A tip if you need to use the key blade, there's no handle so it's difficult to operate with the hand. I was at home and so just got a pair of pliers to give extra purchase but looking again at the key fob it looks like you might be able to locate the key blade into the slot in the fob and then use the fob to turn it.

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Yea the blade sits in the slot making the fob a handle

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There is a small slot across the blade storage recess to put the t-piece of the ekey into.

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