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Scratches And Chipped Paint


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Good afternoon people,

I am wondering If you can offer me some tips and advice on the following:

It looks like someone has lightly keyed the side of my fiesta and there is a couple of chips in the paint that need treating.

Can you please tell me how you think I should treat these scratches or what I should do about them?

I have attached a couple of photos for you to look at.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Someone has suggested using Quixx scratch remove on the long light scratch down the side of my car, i might give it a try next weekend.

i really don't know where to start with that huge chip though, any one any ideas?

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Buy an artist bruch from hobby craft 00 one it's a about £2.50 but the chip will come out 100% better then clean area with paint preperation wipes they are £1.50 in Halfords then if it's down to metal paint primer on it if not just 2 coats of paint then 2 coats of laquer wait 2 days then polish. U can buy the paint set from Halfords about £10. I have done loads and got quite good at it but u need the artist brush.

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Clean ur brush after with paint preperation wipes so u can use agian.

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That side scratch will polish out a bit of t cut will sort that. Just make sure u clean the area first.

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Run your finger nail across the scratches, if your nail catches in it you won't be able to polish it out. If you just feel a slight dent it should polish out with a decent cut and polish work.

As for the chip. It's quite a nasty one, firstly, get your hand on 800-1500 grit sand paper and lightly rub down the edges and inside.

If you can imagine being tiny and standing next to the chip, looking in. You want it to look like a smooth crater (sp?)

Go ahead and start filling the hole with product (primer if neccessary) paint and lacquer. When they're all dried and if you were standing beside the chip again it'll look like a bubble (or a water droplet) this is perfect. Now block sand using 1500+ grit paper until level with the rest of the panel and polish.

It won't look 100% perfect due to the metallic flakes but it'll hide to everyone (unless pointed out)

Hope this helps :)

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You can do ma chips for me n al but yer fish n chips haha

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