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Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to say "HI".. I've only been driving since 2007 and I'm 37 but I have had a number of cars but I've come back to driving Fords...

My first car was a Ford Focus 54 plate TDCi 2.0 Titanium estate. Bought this off a former friend who managed to hide the fact it was on a finance deal, and 3 years later finance company took the car back. As you may have guest he is no longer a friend and has done time at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this car. But it can bee seen behind my second car in this pic:


Found a cheap Renault Clio Mk1 RSI 1.8 which I had for a few months. It had a number of problems like steering vibrated when you went over 40mph. But it was a quick little car. Here she is:


But I wanted something a bit more modern so traded it in for a 1.8 astra coupe in silver. had this for a bout a year. Did a few mods to it, like tinted rear light, alfa romeo side repeaters, irmscher door pins and grille. And again here she is:


And here is an arty shot for you:


Then I had a mad moment and got a smart roadster. Probably not the most practical car but it only cost £35 to fill the tank and lasted 2 weeks. 700cc of fun and I could also say that I own a 'Mid engined, gearwheel drive, turbo charged, convertible Mercedes Benz. Only de-badged this car as there wasn't really any mods you could do .

Here she is in all her glory:


Then In Jan 2012 I have a 55 plate Ford Mondeo Mk3 TDCi 2.0 in black. I did a few mods to it like:

  1. Tinted rear lights
  2. Tinted side repeaters
  3. Green bump/side stripes

And a few other mods.

Here she is the first time I saw her:


At the sometime as having this car I also bought a Mondeo ST200 off a mate and was going to restore it as it was quite a rare one so I've been told as it was on a T reg and was one of the demonstrator cars used to show off the ST200 before it when into production. I did have the car brochure. She never made it back on the road and I stripped her down sold some parts and scrapped the rest.

Again here she is - I got her in a very sorry state. She had no bonnet or drivers wing. Sills where held on with mastic, it would have made you cry.



But in July 2013 I handed the black mondeo back to the finance company and got myself a BMW Mini Cooper.

Here she is the day I picked her up:


I will say the Mini was fun to drive but again not very practical. Then my mother had a stoke and she needed me to take her to and from hospital and doctors and the Mini couldn't take her walking frame without dropping the back seats.

I traded it in for a Citroen Picasso.

Sorry no pics - but basically its a bubble on wheels!!!

Now this wasn't the fastest thing in the world but had enough room to swing a cat in. Only had it for 6 months and exchanged it for a Renault Megan

Again here t is:


Which 2 months later blew up. Managed to sell it on and got a Pug 206cc and yep 2 months later the cam belt went while driving.

Here is the car 24 hours before she died:


Need to cheap run-about so bought a Mk4 Golf 1.6 SE. Again here Is the Golf 2 days before I picked her up:


Hated it with a passion (I just hate VW's all together) so In November 2014 I sold it and bought myself a Ford Focus ST3 Mk2.5 in Frozen White. Has a few miles on the clock, was at 103110K when I picked it up and now it is at 105118K. But I'm enjoying driving it and. I have replaced the cambelt/water pump and aux belts and tensioners (everything used was made by Gates) total cost £325.00 - Kit bought through work at £150 and haggled with a local garage to fit it for the £175.

Gone are the days of 40mpg.. I'm lucky if I get 20mpg.... But its worth it

Anyway here she is:



Don't worry the dealer fitted a front number plate.

Anyway planned mods for it are:

  1. spray focus/ST/Side ST badges black and have the inserts white
  2. wheel refurb in black
  3. ST stripes down the side in a light grey pearlescent white. So you can see them but at the sometime you can't see them and maybe viper stripes but not decided
  4. remap (done at work work for £200 - remap is by quantum)
  5. black bonnet lip
  6. black boot handle
  7. reversign camera (if possible)
  8. cut out holes on top part of lower grille
  9. RS vents installed in bonnet
  10. black door handles
  11. Clock fitted to cubby hole in rear of armrest(not sure if I'm gonna go digital or analog) Now gonna fit a dual USB 12V Charger with cig lighter..
  12. Gel overays to be fitted (got black background with white writting)

Mods and work done already:

  1. cambelt/water pump/AUX belts and tensioners replaced
  2. blue LED in footwell lights
  3. ST badge on grilles
  4. satnav/Stereo updated and new DVD for 2014 installed
  5. dashcam fitted (but not hard wired at the moment)
  6. large umberlla holder (a very basic way of storing an umbrella)

I intend to keep this car for as long as possible. But as you can see from my track record of cars, it don't look good

Hopefully will put up an 'Auto-Biography' soon.... (see what I did there? Auto-Biography! Auto as in Car - No?!... Maybe I'm just sad LOL!!!)

Stay Tuned!!!!

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Welcome and nice car history. :)

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nice st

you go through cars like woman changing underwear :P

welcome btw

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Hi welcome :)
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Welcome matey :) awesome car history, your catching up to mine lol ;)


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