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Low Idle Stall Issue. (Mk2.8 1.8 Petrol Zetec S)

Jon Bhoy

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Hi guys,

Well here it is,this weeks "Jons problem" ;-)

Bit of a strange one . Was in traffic today,and slowed up with clutch in in 1st gear and revs dropped as usual to about 500 before picking up to 700 as they always do but next time i stopped and idled the car stalled . Started straight away then few mins later did it again.Very very slight rough idle (talking within 100 rpm) but then seemed to be it was about to stall in idle but didnt. Never had that happen before so was a little worried.

When i pulled into the car park i was going to i looked under the bonnet and remembered last night i was putting in a bolt through badge near the air inlet etc so i pushed around the MAF sensor to make sure the connector was ok but seemed ok.Just wondering if i dislodged a bit of muck or something.Never cleaned a MAF but looks easy enough but could a MAF sensor cause that sort of thing ? Checked and had no codes so its puzzled me a bit but could do without it!!

Cheers guys,


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sound like maybe you could of nudged something. check the maf wiring connections to make sure they are secure and also check for any splits/holes in the air hoses and make sure the hoses are secured at each end as sometimes when pushing these around they can pop of a bit..

you never know maybe you pierced one of the air hose with the bolt lol! :)

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Thank you Mr Sonic,i am sure its something air related . Aye typical of my luck,fit a new S badge on the front of the car to make it look good then bugger up the engine doing it so it goes nowhere.....ill be back next week with my next problem lol . Cheers matey.

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Also just checked and done mainly motorway miles and my mpg is 27.5 !!!! So thinking it has to be an air leak somewhere.

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