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After 11 months of ownership and 22.6k miles my mondeo 2.0 tdci (163 bhp) titanium x business edition looks like it has finally become "run in" and turned a corner in terms of economy.

Over the past couple of days and since my last full up it has used 1/3 of a tank, covered 400 miles and averaged 67 mpg. I am mighty impressed.

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I hope mine goes the same! Got same model,year old, 18k and best I get on motorways at 80 is around 45-50 mpg

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I drove to Liverpool and back a while ago, car returned just shy of 60mpg. Sat around 65-70 and mine is a 2.2tdci, at the time it had around 50-60k on the clock. Total mileage driven that day was about 700 miles.

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After 11 months of ownership

?? I thought you got yours before me and I've had mine almost a year now!. That's some impressive mpg though.

Mines only done about 15K and TBH I tend not to bother too much checking the consumption since I don't pay for the fuel. I've not reset the trip since it was new and was showing about 51mpg last time I looked. I think mine must be improving though as I usually fill up to the cut-off every week, and I've noticed that the DTE on a full tank has gradually gone up from around 700 when it was new to 760 last time I filled.

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