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Clutch Issue Please Advise

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I have a Mondeo MK3 diesel estate. 54 plate.

Today while driving my clutch pedal didn't come back out after pushing it in to change gear. I can pull it back out with my foot or hand but that does make any difference. It will let me put my gear stick into any gear, even with the engine on but doesn't drive anywhere.

I suspected the gear box cable but cannot be sure if this is what it is.

I have googled the issue but all I can find is problems where you can still drive the car by starting in gear and changing gears without the clutch, I have had to do this on cars before but its not that, even with the gears stick in a gear the gears do not engage.

A swift response would be greatly appreciated, I haven't had the car long either.

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If you can put the car in gear with the engine running without the clutch being pressed, you have an issue at the gearbox end, probably the clutch of slave cylinder.

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Cheers guys, if it had been just the cable I might of given it a go myself, my mate has a mate and going to get him to look at it and see if its going to have to be sold for parts repairs.

Not happy though as only had for a month and half :-(

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It turns out to be slightly different than first thought.

My mate pumped the pedal a little then slowly brought the pedal back up and he got the clutch to bite.

This is making me suspect that it is the master cylinder, I have checked the brake fluid and that's topped up to the max already.

Do you guys agree or disagree with my diagnostics here please. And any advice on how to get it sorted and will it be expensive.

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